Korg Monotron Analogue Ribbon Synth Review

Korg, maker of many musical tools, instruments and gadgets, also have the Monotron – a pocket-sized ribbon synthesizer which provides tons of potentially great sounds for musicians, DJs or even independent film-makers at a low-price!

There are many options available to you in order to customize the sound you get out of the Monotron including pitch, rate, interval, cutoff and peak which allow you to get almost any kind of sound out of this small device. If you’re looking for something unique, you can probably pull it out of the monotron with enough effort. I’ve been able to produce familiar sounds to drums and trumpets, as well as more obscure items like a theremin or choir. It just takes some tinkering.

Even if you’re only mildy interested in digital music, it’s only 50 bucks right now on Amazon so, at that price, it could even make a fun toy to make some interesting sounds with. Who know what you’ll use them for!


  1. Bruce R. (BPR639geek) says

    VERY cool!!! I just might order one. Mark does it have an audio output? “B”