Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Keeps Your Plants Healthy

Geek Beat Goes to CEA Line Shows

We’re getting ready for another trip to New York! Just like last year, we’ll be live streaming from the CEA Line Shows for two full days, June 27th and 28th – hope you can join us!

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

If you have a knack for killing plants, the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor and might be the thing that will give you a virtual green thumb.

Wicked Lasers’ LaserSaber

Wicked Lasers is the master of the light beam at the consumer level, and the new LaserSaber add-on will make their Spider 3 laser look suspiciously like the weapon of a Jedi Knight.

Steve Jobs – The Lost Interview

Steve Jobs was interviewed just after leaving Apple and before starting NeXT – the interview has only had a very limited circulation, but now it’s headed to a wider theatrical distribution.

Revision3 Acquired By Discovery Communications

Last week Discovery Communications acquired Revision3. We’re excited to be part of the extended Discovery family, but don’t worry, nothing’s changing with this show.


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    Steve Jobs was ousted out of Apple in 1985, not 1995. The documentary was called Empire of the Nerds, not the comedy Revenge of the Nerds. The interview probably took place in 95-96, but NeXT was a well matured but struggling company by then. This interview probably took place soon before returning to Apple in 1997.