Legendary Game Designer Jane Jensen Launches ‘Pinkerton Road’ Studio

It wouldn’t be entirely fair to call the latest adventure game funding project going on at Kickstarter by legendary game designer Jane Jensen (Gabriel Knight, Gray Matter) merely an attempt to cash in on Tim Schafer’s recent success. Sure, one would have to be crazy not to recognize the opportunities that crowdfunding is providing for those corners of the game industry that usually have a harder time convincing a publisher of a title’s marketability, so it’s of no surprise that the adventure game genre sat up and took notice.  Jensen’s new studio, Pinkerton Road, is trying out something a bit different.

Instead of backing a single project, they’re asking for interested individuals to help fund a development cycle, something they describe as being akin to Community Supported Agriculture, where participants subscribe to a farm for a season and receive a regular allowance of the farm’s produce.  In that manner, contributors get a copy of all titles produced by the studio in that period.

As with any experiment of this nature, its success lies more in whether or not it retains that support for future cycles.  That being said, the project looks to be well on its way to reach its goal upon its completion in just over a month, so we should know by this time next year what the general consensus is regarding this funding model.

Among the three concepts being optioned at the moment, backers at or above the $16 level will have the opportunity to cast their vote for whichever title they would like to see made first, but that vote takes place April 14-15, so you’ll have to be quick to have your say.

Until then, visit the Facebook pages for Jane Jensen and The Scarlet Furies, whose music featured in the 2010 release Gray Matter.

Additionally, fans of Leisure Suit Larry can help creator Al Lowe fund a remake which has just a few weeks remaining to bring it to its goal before it runs out of time.  Now if only David Braben would put forward a project for Elite 4