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Do You Vine or Do You Tout?

Vine has arrived on Android. Are you in that new breed of 6 – 15-second filmmakers on Vine or Tout? What do you use the service for? Let us know!

Gmail 4.5 Comes to Android

If you like the new user interface on your desktop and wish you had those separation tabs when checking mail on your Android device… you got it! The Android Gmail app is getting an upgrade.

Party in NYC!

Are you coming to the meetup in New York? We’ll be hanging out with the Mobile Nations team, talking about Talk Mobile 2013, and I hope you’ll be there!

LightUp Teaches Electronics to Kids with Virtual Reality

LightUp is a Kickstarter project for an electronics kit that teaches some basic principles and encourages experimentation with a little virtual reality thrown in!

LEGOs get Artificially Intelligent

Sony researchers in Japan are packing artificial intelligence into LEGO toys in an attempt to keep the interest of young consumers used to interaction with video games.

New Samsung Galaxy Tabs

Samsung’s refreshing the Tab line with a 10.1-inch and an 8-inch Galaxy Tab 3. They’re running Android 4.2, as well as Samsung’s TouchWiz skin, and are LTE enabled.

Weather Radio with Warnings Just for Your Area

Here’s a gadget for anyone who lives in Tornado Alley. The Eaton Zone Guard Weather Alert Radio will keep you up to date with warnings JUST for your area.

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