Locust – The Other White Meat!

Catch a Passing Comet

Have you spotted the comet PanSTARRS yet? The best viewing is this week, but it will also last through early next week until about the 20th. Best viewing time is right after sundown when the comet will be visible near the moon. And if you miss PanSTARRS, you get a bigger, brighter chance in November when ISON passes by.

Seasons of the Moon

The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Scientific Visualization Studio has turned data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter into stunning animation that shows all phases of the moon over the course of a year.

View From a Balloon-Launched Glider

David Windestall launched a radio-controlled glider into the heavens attached to a balloon. The glider was released shortly after the balloon burst then was guided by radio back to the earth.

Attack of the Robot Snakes

The robot snake has been around for a while, but getting good video from the snake’s point of view has been a problem. It now has a re-designed head that stays level when the rest of it is not — and snakebot is now learning to track objects.

Eat a Bug!

Think you have some unusual tastes in food? Israeli chef Moshe Basson probably has you beat with his biblically-inspired recipes, including various ways to cook locust.


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      Hey Leon, would love to, but unfortunately I’ll be in a plane somewhere above the Pacific ocean. 😉

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