LTE Networks and Spectrum: The English-Speaking Countries

LTE logoHere is Geek Beat’s list of LTE networks.  Keep checking in since this list will be continuously updated, so if you don’t see your country or carrier yet, just wait a little while.  Because of the vast array of networks scattered throughout the world, we’ll be splitting this list up into several parts: The English Speaking Countries, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, the Americas, Middle East, and Africa.

As you can see, there is giant array of LTE bands.  This will create a giant hurdle for mobile interoperability going forward, even if LTE/VoLTE become the standard wireless.

Bands 1-25 are FDD-LTE
Bands 33-44 are TDD-LTE
* Denotes carrier with CDMA network

English Speaking World:

Countries in this Section Include the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

United States (Bands 4, 12, 13, 17, 25, 41, WCS)

AT&T: AWS 1700mhz (4), Lower 700mhz (17), 2.3ghz WCS (planned)
Verizon*: Upper 700mhz (13), AWS 1700mhz (4) (planned)
Sprint*/Virgin*/Boost*: PCS-G 1900mhz (25), BRS 2500mhz (41) (planned, Partnership Clearwire)
T-Mobile: AWS 1700mhz (4) (Planned)
MetroPCS*: AWS 1700mhz (4)
US Cellular*: Lower 700mhz (12) (Partnership with King Street Wireless)
Cricket*: AWS 1700mhz (4)
C-Spire*: AWS 1700mhz (4), PCS-G 1900mhz (25), Lower 700 (12) (planned)
Bluegrass Cellular*:  Upper 700mhz (13)
Alaska Communications*: 700mhz?

Canada: (Bands 4,7)

Rogers Wireless/Fido: AWS 1700mhz (4),  2600mhz (7)
Bell Mobility/ Virgin: AWS 1700mhz (4), 2600mhz (7)
Telus Mobility: AWS 1700mhz (4)
SaskTel: AWS 1700mhz (4)
MTS: AWS 1700mhz (4)

UK: (Bands 3, 7, 20)

EE: DCS 1800mhz (3), 2600mhz(7) (Planned), 800mhz EDD (20) (planned)
O2: 800mhz EDD (20) (planned)
Vodafone: 2600mhz (7) (planned), 800mhz EDD (20) (Planned)

Australia: (Bands 3, 40)

Optus: DCS 1800mhz (3), 2300mhz (40)
Telstra: DCS 1800mhz (3)

New Zealand: (Band 3)

Vodafone New Zealand: DCS 1800mhz (3)

If your LTE carrier in the above countries isn’t listed or has a LTE band that isn’t, leave a comment below.

Next article, we’ll take a look at Western Europe.


  1. Aaron Paul says

    In the Philippines, we use LTE bands 1,3,5. Globe Telecom uses band 3 while Smart Communications uses 1,3,5

  2. Kim White says

    South Africa is not mentioned. We have aLTE providers from at least MTN and Vodacom (Vodafone). I know 8TA was trialling it before no idea if they have gone live.