Make Beautiful Pictures Come to Life, Magically!

Want to do magic with just the touch of your hand? With the simple sway of your finger, you can make sunlight sparkle, dandelions sway, water droplets drip, and even snowflakes dance! “Magic Pictures HD” is an exclusive iPad app that combines breathtaking photos with sounds that will dazzle your eyes, tickle your ears, and inspire your mind. Touch the photos and they magically come to life.

When you first launch the app, a beautiful interface displays a window into nature and all of your various options below. Click on “start” for the magic to begin. You will then see photos taken by photographer Tobias Thomsch scroll side to side, or up and down (depending on how you hold the iPad) as ‘particles’ sprinkle onto the screen. The soothing sounds of nature also make an appearance. Touch on the photos and the particles will move. Depending on the photo, particles will converge, repel, or slowly move out of the way of your fingers. Blow away fog from the cold day, wipe water droplets from a rainy scene, or tap on falling snowflakes.

The photos are taken from various parts around the planet. With this app, you can travel around the world right in the palm of your hands. It’s such a fun way to interact with nature without having to leave your home!

Turn “Magic Pictures HD” on and you have yourself a beautiful digital photo frame that’s both animated and interactive. A clock is also available for display in the upper right corner. Just turn it on in the settings. Once it’s on, it’ll display in the top right of the iPad. One downside is that it’ll display in military time. So unless you know the hours by heart, you may find yourself counting in your fingers to figure out what 18:00 is. 😉

Other options include toggling the particles, ambient sounds, and clock on/off. You can also turn on the random sequence slideshow, and change how long to display each photo. The app looks gorgeous in both landscape and portrait mode since the photos will slide to display the entire image.

Overall, it’s simply a beautiful app that any nature lover would enjoy. Filled with over 100+ gorgeous photos, you feel relaxed and a sense of zen as you interact with the images. It’s definitely a conversation starter for you and your guests.

Magic Pictures HD” for the iPad is available in the iTunes App store for $1.99. A lite version of the app available for free which includes 10 gorgeous photos.

Full Version for $1.99 | Lite Version for Free


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