Making a Supercomputer with Raspberry Pi

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Torture Time Begins!

Today we had a livestream at 1pm Texas Time where we talked about our plans for torture! Both John P. and I are both going to start training with these guys…. EEKS!

Jeff Dwelle and Todd Abrams

That’s Jeff Dwelle and Todd Abrams! We’re going to bring you along for the ride! And I hope… please, please… join in on the workouts with us! We’ll all be in pain together. How’s that for a plan? Check for all our updates on that and the recorded version of our stream.

What Would You Like to See in Live Demos?

A couple weeks ago, we did a livestream where we got a live demo of the Sketchbook App from AutoCad. Renee Busse taught John P. and I to draw, and a ton of you followed along at home. We had the chatrooms going. We all learned together. And it was so much fun! You guys shared your drawings with us. WAY better than mine! Anyway, so that was fun and we continue to get really positive feedback from you. So my question is… what ELSE do you want to learn? What live demos and trials should we set up? If you could have ANYTHING you want, what would it be? Leave a comment below or as always, email or tag us on social. We’re listening!

Raspberry Pi Supercomputer

If I could have anything I want, I’d want THIS 40-node Raspberry Pi supercomputer! Paul Dixon posted this in the Google+ Geeks community at David Guill built it so that he could put distributed software to the test in an environment he was happy with. He’s got 40 Rasberry Pi’s with 40 700MHz broadcom processors and 20GB of RAM. Plus it has 5TB of storage, almost half a TB of flash storage, a wireless access point, an internal 10/100 LAN. All in a box…a nice colorful box too… that’s only about 15x22x10 inches. Impressive! AND… he did it all here in Dallas at the Dallas Makerspace. Love it! And…David… come show me – I want to see it in person!

K-Cup Coffee Without a Keurig Machine

If you didn’t catch it, we did a review yesterday of the K-Pod. It’s a Kickstarter project that basically retrofits almost ANY coffee maker into a Keurig machine. I love the idea! So does Scott Ellis and everyone around here! If you didn’t see it, go to You only have a few days left to support the Kickstarter project! It seems like YOU guys loved it equally as much. Lots of comments and excitement by the idea. Lots of pledges from you guys. And also quite a few of you asked about the big controversy over Green Mountain trying to lock down their K-Cup platform.

If you haven’t heard, Green Mountain, who produces the Keurig machine, has promised to launch a NEW version of the Keurig machine, which will ONLY be able to use their branded, approved K-Cups. I guess this means they’re changing the shape of the cups or the shape of the machine… or both? Nobody knows yet. But what I DO know is that this is angering a LOT of people! They won’t be able to just use any K-Cup brand out there. Which means…

Competition is not allowed. I personally don’t use Green Mountain coffee. I use another brand that I like better. I will no longer be able to buy what I want for my Keurig. And we all know that a lack of competition in the marketplace is NOT a good thing for consumers! So, if devices for competitive K-Cups – like the K-Pod – can become popular enough, that means that all the other brands out there who make K-Cups don’t have to shut down their business when the Keurig 2.0 comes out. But, they have to fund first and come to market. And that’s where Kickstarter and you guys come in.

Roku Streaming Stick Gets an Update

Roku also has a version 2.0 coming out. Of their Streaming Stick. It’s a stick that plugs into your HDMI port on your TV and allows you to stream content like Netflix or HuluPlus from your computer or mobile device to your TV. Think Chromecast. Except, unlike Chromecast, Roku’s streaming stick comes with a nice lineup of apps that you can browse for content AND a remote control. I like these additions! And I expect it’s not as buggy as Chromecast can be! The new version is $49.99.

Aether Speaker Learns Your Musical Tastes

We’re seeing a lot of movement in the smart audio space. A lot of companies want to predict what you want, when you want it and play your music FOR you rather than you telling IT what to play. The $399 Aether is an interesting addition! It’s a small speaker that works entirely on its own. It doesn’t need a Bluetooth device like your phone connected to it in order to play music. It’ll work with a variety of streaming services… they haven’t said which ones, but I expect Pandora and Spotify or Rdio will be in the mix. At first, you’re going to have to teach it your listening preferences. For example, when I’m doing laundry, I prefer to listen to some upbeat music. When I’m working, though, I prefer singer/songwriter or Classical to keep me focused on the task at hand.

So…you ask… how does it learn your tastes? You can just twist the face of the speaker left or right to skip forward or backwards. If you keep twisting to the left, it’ll change up your selection entirely – it’ll play another genre. But, it also comes with voice control, so you can literally TELL it what song you want to listen to. And if you always want to listen to The Fray on Saturday mornings (why would you not?), it’ll automatically know that and play it for you. You’re busy. Relax. Let your appliances do the thinking for you!

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  1. Kevin Brophy says

    I did find it interesting that Cali talked about other coffee companies being hurt by a technology change like Keurig 2.0; then talked about being able to protect inventions/ideas with the help of LegalZoom. Isn’t that exactly what Green Mountain is doing by changing the technology – protecting their idea?

    The reason Keurig is changing the K-cups is that their original patents ran out, so competitors have put out “compatible” products like “RealCups”. By not using the K-cups name, they don’t have to pay a royalty back to Keurig/Green Mountain. We could argue about whether Green Mountain should do this now that their original patents expired, but if we were in their place – facing the possibility of no longer getting revenue from an idea that you brought to market and popularized – wouldn’t we do the same thing?

  2. Andrei Tosea says

    Why to use k-cup coffee instead a real espresso machine ?! An espresso takes longer to make, but the aroma and the smell… it’s not comparable with a k-cup.

  3. says

    I am really looking forward to seeing your progress on this fitness challenge. I don’t claim to be a bodybuilder, but a few years back I was a lot like John. I did start with Jillian Michaels DVDs, thank you very much (John!), then learned more about weightlifting and other types of exercise at home. I think John will see a lot of benefits from this, and Cali will learn some new ways to stay fit too.

    • Profile photo of David Foster says

      I am looking forward to it as well. I think it is great they are doing this. :)