Making Robots Throw Punches Across the Web

The See-Through Mobile Phone

Polytron Technologies is showing off a concept for a transparent phone. Do you want a phone you can see through?

World’s First Bionic Eye Implanted

Bionic Vision Australia has implanted the world’s first bionic eye. A woman named Dianne Ashworth has the early prototype attached to her retina.

More Robots in the Operating Room

Robots are used in operating rooms for tasks that require extreme precision, but General Electric has visions of their roles expanding to sterilizing, sorting, and delivering the proper instruments to the O.R.

Robot Sign-Spinners Hit the Streets

In California, not even the street-side sign-spinners’ jobs are safe from robots! That’s right, human sign-spinners are being replaced by robots.

Real Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots

Cloudrobots takes the idea of robot boxers and allows you to battle it out with people all over the world with real robots.

Breathing Bike Has it’s Own Air Filter System

Matt Hope, an artist living in China, was worried about all of the pollution he was sucking in while pedaling through the streets so he invented something called “The Breathing Bike.”