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With the smartphone touchscreen revolution now behind us, there’s no reason why the upcoming Stealth Touch Mouse by Manhattan shouldn’t be everything we would expect of it.

Without the need for noisy parts that just end up collecting dust and growing dull over time, the sleek form factor is sure to grab the eye. What’s more, it’s dual purpose, as a presenter’s remote takes it to the next logical step, with wireless range of up to 10 meters. To switch from mouse to remote, you just pick it up and swipe side-to-side as needed. Now that’s elegance of design.

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5 Responses

  1. Avatar of Dave Peterson
    Dave Peterson

    The Apple mice didn’t have distinct buttons, and the Magic Mouse definitely had touch qualities like gesture recognition, but they both also had a distinct “click” when pressing left or right corners.

    • Dave H

      You can turn off the “click” by changing the setting.

    • Dave H

      Opps, my mistake the default system preference doesn’t allow this, but you can download a tool “BetterTouchTool” to enable Tap to click. No idea why Apple didn’t enable this option by default.

  2. Jeremy

    Err, why is this different to Apple’s Magic Mouse? Isn’t that the first “Touch mouse”?

    Or come to that, Apple’s “Mighty Mouse” (it ‘knew’ the difference between a click on the left and right – and yes, it left a LOT to be desired as a mouse).

  3. Baris

    Now get Windows 8 to detect this as a touch surface and it might be a usable desktop OS after all. Hell, I’d probably use that mouse regardless.