Mark Zuckerberg Gets Married

YouTube’s Amazing Traffic

You know YouTube is popular, but did you know that users upload 72 hours of video to the service every minute?

Zuckerberg’s Busy Week

Mark Zuckerberg had a busy couple of days between Facebook’s IPO and getting married. And he wore a suit to one of those events.

Phone Notifications on Other Devices

Japan’s NTT Docomo is working on a plan to send your phone notifications to the screens of other devices, maybe even screens in stores where you are shopping.

Cloth-Climbing Robot

Robots have a lot of different ways to get around, but this one is unusual. It’s designed to create wrinkles in cloth and then climb up your clothing.


  1. quicksilver382 says

    Clothbot could be used to retrieve dropped items by physically impaired/elderly people.