Microsoft & Barnes and Noble Create Nook Partnership

If you’re reading a book these days, chances are that the book is in electronic format either on an e-reader or a tablet.  The days of losing your place and paper-cuts aren’t that far from the rearview mirror.  It’s needless to say that eBooks are big business.  Everyone expected that Microsoft would eventually enter the eBook fray, but this was a real surprise.

Microsoft isn’t going create their format like Apple iBooks or Google Play Books, to compete with Amazon’s Kindle or the Kobo.  Rather Microsoft has decided to invest $300 million and create a joint venture partnership with Barnes and Noble making the Nook their eBook of choice for Windows 8.  This joint venture, currently called Newco, will be owned 82.4% by Barnes and Mobile with the remaining 17.6% Microsoft.  This also ends any pending patent litigation between the two companies and offers both B&N and Newco royalty-free use of Microsoft patents.

In addition to the consumer Nook eBook business, Barnes and Noble’s collegiate arm would be included in Newco. This could potentially pave the way for a competitor to Apple’s iBooks textbooks. The one item of note was the lack of clarification on whether future versions of the Nook tablet which currently runs on a customized version of Android would be switching to Microsoft technology or staying with the current platform.

(via Engadget)


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    Everyone expected Microsoft would eventually enter the eBook fray? You clearly don’t know your history.

    Microsoft “entered the eBook fray” in 1998, developed a software reader, called Microsoft Reader, which gave it a ten-year technology lead, which it then squandered. I know, I was on the team. We told the company it needed an eBook device and a bookstore to succeed in the market. It would not support either at that time. Now, it’s just bought into: a device and a bookstore…