Microsoft Unveils Nokia X2 Android-Based Smartphone

When Microsoft completed the acquisition of Nokia’s mobile division back in April, there was some speculation that it would put an end to any future Nokia devices running Android. We now know that is not the case – at least not for the time being. Earlier today, the Redmond-based company unveiled the Nokia X2 – a new Android-based handset.

Like the original Nokia X announced back in February, the Nokia X2 is aimed at the budget end of the smartphone market. In terms of design it looks very similar to its predecessor, but the specifications have been improved. It has a bigger 4.3-inch display, a faster 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, more RAM (1GB), and a 5MP rear camera. It also has a home button – a feature lacking on the previous generation.

What hasn’t changed is the amount of internal storage on offer – 4GB, which can be expanded via MicroSD (up to 32GB), and like the original model, the Nokia X2 is a dual SIM device. As we have come to expect from the Nokia X range, the software is a heavily forked version of Android complete with tiles and other Windows Phone-style features.

Admittedly, the X2 won’t be for everyone. It’s primarily aimed at emerging markets, where Microsoft will be able to push services such as Skype, Outlook & OneDrive. It also offers a way for Microsoft to introduce consumers to its more expensive range of Windows Phones.

The Nokia X2 is priced at €99 ($135), and is available immediately in select countries globally. It comes in glossy green, orange or black; with glossy yellow, white and matt dark grey versions coming later this year.

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