MIT’s Solution for Getting Ketchup Out of Bottles

Ketchup is always shy when coming out of the bottle. In fact most people find it a rather infuriating task to get the right amount (or any) out at all. While most of us just give up in anger and defeat, Dave Smith and a team of engineers at MIT spent two months trying to solve this problem.

What resulted was a special, non-toxic coating dubbed LiquidGlide. Granted this may seem like such a small feat for such a small inconvenience.  But on a larger scale, in the large business of sauces, this little tweak in bottle production can prevent million of tons of food being thrown out.

But this inspiration from a ketchup bottle can also have various other applications that can prevent clogs in oil and gas lines, wind shields, anti- icing.

(via fastcoexist)


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    I’m sure sometime in the future FDA “scientists” will find this new Liquid Glide substance is poisonous or carcinogenic. Just like they did with BPH.