Mophie Juice Pack PRO Keeps Your iPhone 4 and 4S Charged and Safe

Mophie Juice Pack PROIf you’re looking to keep your iPhone 4 or 4S charged up and well protected all at the same time you may want to check out the Mophie Juice Pack PRO.

The new ruggedized back-up battery and case holds an extra 2,500mAh of power, giving 150% of a full iPhone charge – the highest capacity battery case that Mophie currently offers. An exterior LED indicator shows you the battery’s current charge, and the standby option saves your power for when you most need it. But the company is really promoting the protective qualities of the case, touting that it exceeds US military specifications for impact protection and dust/sand penetration.

The Mophie Juice Pack PRO is available from the Mophie site for $129.95 with world wide shipping.


  1. Tom says

    I couldn’t agree more. Way too much for what you get. I do notice that I can go 3 days w/o charging rather than the 2 I got with my first mophie. It would seem so easy to make this thing more water resistant than it is, so I’m off to get a small tube of silicone to try it myself. Silicone will peel off east when dry if this doesn’t work. I already removed the chintzy plastic rear camera cover, as it caused flash glare, and most likely offered little or no protection anyway. I’ll post again to let you know how I do.

  2. Kurt Webster says

    I purchased my Juice Pack Pro direct from Mophie last week. After getting started with putting my iPhone inside the case, I noticed scratches on the screen. It then clicked that the round stickers that seal the outer sleeve of the packaging to the inside were already cut But, in my excitement to get started, I really didn’t pay attention to it.

    I contacted Mophie and was advised to fill out their online form and the exchange process would start. I received a reply within an hour and to my dismay, they wanted me to pay for shipping back to them. I let them know quite clearly that I would not spend another $20 to send back something that I paid $130 for, then nearly $10 in tax and $26 in shipping. All told, I spent $165 to get my hands on the case. I received no further reply from customer service so I decided to send an email to the founders of the company, which included the CEO. I still have yet to receive any sort of response from anyone.

    So here I am, stuck with a product that was basically shipped to me as a refurb/open box unit. I haven’t even had the pleasure of using it. They may have great products. But, what good are they if the company doesn’t stand behind their product or their image. What a shame.

  3. Asko Karhunen says

    As nice as the Mophie Is, why not make it completely waterproof like Lifeproof cases? I’ve dropped my Lifeproof protected iPhone 4s down 4 stories of an elevator shaft and it survived. If the Mophie was as waterproof as the Lifeproof I would not hesitate to buy one.