More Star Trek Tech That Came True

Talking Computers

Computers that could talk were a part of everyday life on the Enterprise and voice recognition in our cars and phones is bringing it to this century.

Uhura’s Earpiece

Uhura’s wireless earpiece seemed pretty futuristic in the 1960s, but now half the people in the grocery store wear a Bluetooth link to their phone.

Hand-Held Communicators

Captain Kirk’s communicator has fully arrived in the form of mobile phones, and we even experienced (and passed) the flip form factor.

Video Conferencing

The technology that linked starship captains to Starfleet Command is now keeping friends and family a Skype call away.

Tablet Computers

Tablet computers aren’t just for captain’s log entries anymore – now we use them to play Angry Birds!


  1. says

    I truly never thought of those before, but that’s pretty interesting. I used to watch the original Star Trek with my dad, but haven’t watched much of the others. So are we imitating Star Trek or the dreams of visionaries?

  2. Carlos says

    You missed touchscreens everything on the last generation enterprise was a touchscreen.

    My biggest dream: To see a working replicator before I die. (I’m 26)

  3. Mitch J says

    [Uh-her-ah]? Cali- did you ever watch Star Trek? You should know it’s pronounced [Ooh-hoor-ah]