My Ford Touch Update Arriving – On USB

2013 Ford Focus

Those of you who are current owners of Ford cars with My Ford Touch can expect an update to the popular hands-free media system — and it’ll be arriving on a USB stick. Owners can expect the upgrade to arrive via snail mail package shortly.

Ford has been seeing huge, huge reactions to its My Ford Touch in-car connectivity; it has turned their vehicles into consumer electronics products, prompting them to have showcases at events they might not traditionally have attended, such as the Consumer Electronics Show.

According to Ford’s PR department, as many as 56% of new Ford owners cite SYNC and My Ford Touch as important factors in their purchase decisions.

With in-car connectivity becoming so important and so popular, I have to wonder how long it’ll be until someone hacks the update software on the USB drive.

Do you drive a SYNC/My Ford Touch vehicle? Planning to get one? Let us know about the experience in the comments!


  1. Chris Holt says

    Love my 2012 Focus, can’t wait for the update! Comparing MyTouch to other in-car offerings, I have found that Ford has all the right ideas, they just need a little polish. Let’s hope this USB stick is filled with lots of it.

  2. says

    I just bought my wife a Ford Edge just because of the my ford touch. I May be buying myself one this week. Technology in the car is important to me and Ford understands that. Hopefully the USB update fixes the sluggish touch response.