Myo Wristband Reads Muscle Activity for Gesture-Controlled Computer Use

Myo gesture control wristbandWe’ve talked a lot about the kind of gesture control we saw in “Minority Report” and that are promised by the Leap Motion Controller and now there’s a new player on the field.

Unlike previous efforts such as Kinect, that watch you for movement, Myo is an armband that senses electrical activity in muscles as they move and converts it into computer commands, which are sent to your machine wirelessly. This means there’s no worry of blocking the sensor. The company says detection is fast, so fast that sometimes it seems to respond before you’ve made the gesture, because electrical impulses in your muscles fire before your fingers start moving. Out of the box compatibility with PCs and Macs is planned, along with an API to help developers build software for iOS, Android and more.

The Myo is planned to be available in late 2013 and can be preordered for a cost of $159, which includes shipping.