NASA Johnson Style

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” has hit the 1 billion view mark, but he may have some competition from the folks at the Johnson Space Center. In the spirit of “We’re NASA and We Know It”, here’s the newest NASA-themed parody video.


  1. says

    you know, before today, I completely disliked that song. I didn’t get the appeal, didn’t understand why everyone was so ‘gaga’ over someones whose music could have been produced by the first astro-chimp. And a friend of mine who used to work here btrw, showed this too me and it’s the first time I have just laughed and laughed at it, so

    still don’t get the mass appeal, but hey, whatever floats y’know :)
    this was exceptionally well done, and just well, great and keep up the great job you guys and gals are doing too!! :)


    • Mike yang says

      Speak what you to say loudly without any embarrassed,let you spirit soar in the blue sky
      Don’t think too much