Navy Robots to Navigate By Smell

A Coating That HATES Liquid!

Ultra-Ever Dry is a superhydrophobic and oleophobic coating that repels liquids like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Navy Robots to Navigate By Smell

The U.S. Navy hopes to someday replace a crew of sailors who move bombs around aircraft carriers with robots that would sniff their way from bomb storage below decks to jets above deck.

Ouya Console Heads to Retail

Kickstarter sensation Ouya, an open source game console, is headed to retail by the middle of the year.

Television: The Enemy of Male Fertility

A new Harvard study indicates that as TV viewing time goes up, a man’s sperm count goes down.

The Excitement-Sensing, Disappearing Dress

A fashion designer in the Netherlands has combined wireless technology, copper, and LEDS to create a high-tech dress line that turns clear when the wearer is turned on.