NERD WATCH: Tech News From 30 Years Ago

GNU, A Free Version of UNIX Planned

A computer programmer working at the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the MIT by the name of Richard Stallman has announced an ambitious new project to create GNU, a FREE version of the Unix operating system.

TS 1000 Computer Promises Blazing Speed

Timex Sinclair has announced their new TS1000 Personal Computer. It includes a Zilog Z80A Central Processing Unit running at a blazing fast 3.25 MHz plus 2 kilobytes of memory. That’s double the memory of its predecessor.

Super Beta Videotape System Gives Even Sharper Picture

Sony has announced the new Hi-Fi Super Beta recording system which gives you a dramatically sharper video image for home recording of both VHF and UHF channels. Beta Hi-Fi sound makes recordings sound as sharp and thrilling as they look.

Communicate by Modem with Atari Telelink II

Atari, the number one videogame brand, has announced the Atari Communicator II Kit ($260) which includes something called a modem and the Telelink II cartridge. It is capable of tethering nerds together from around the neighborhood using nothing more than phone lines.

Ford’s V6 Thunderbird Boasts 20 MPG

Ford announced the new 3.8l V6 Thunderbird WITH cassette deck! The car makes 112 horsepower and is capable of doing 0-60 in 13 seconds, while achieving 20 mpg.

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