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Netflix LogoEveryone likes to do some giving this time of year and Netflix is apparently no exception. They’re giving you more options. As first reported by AdWeek and confirmed by Geek Beat, Netflix has introduced a new $6.99 Standard Definition streaming plan. It’ll join the tried and true $7.99 regular plan and the $11.99 family plan. However, at this time the plan is for new users only. You’ll also be able to stream only on 1 device at a time compared to 2 on the existing plan and 4 on the family plan.

While at only $1 less, it may not seem to be the best deal at first glance, but it may have some usefulness. Those who exclusively watch in a browser on a laptop may not need HD quality, and those who live with an ISP data cap may be interested in saving that buck. SuperHD connections use considerably more bandwidth than SD shows and there is currently no way to throttle usage on devices like the AppleTV.

Is this something that would interest you? Leave a comment below or on social media.

Source: AdWeek

180 Shares Google+ 138 Twitter 31 Facebook 6 LinkedIn 5 Reddit 0 Pin It Share 0 Buffer 0 180 Shares ×
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2 Responses

  1. Bosabri

    Great idea because I never have the bandwidth to get HD for more than a minute or two. It always drops to SD anyway. Yea me!

  2. signal7

    This actually makes a lot of sense to me. I’m not a resolution nerd, so SD is fine for streaming. Besides that, I rarely have the bandwidth to actually watch anything in HD – it starts in HD and then drops some resolution within the first 5 minutes. This happens with everything I stream so saving me the hassle of watching it buffer repeatedly is a plus.