Netgear WN1000RP Wi-Fi Booster Keeps Your Mobile Devices Connected

Netgear WN1000RP Wi-Fi BoosterSometimes your Wi-Fi range is just a bit to small. That room on the end of the house that sometimes gets a clear signal, and sometimes doesn’t, can bring an abrupt end to a movie on Netflix. If you’re happy with your current router, but just wish it had greater range, Netgear has a simple solution.

The WN1000RP Wi-Fi Booster for Mobile, is specifically aimed toward keeping our mobile devices like phones and tablets connected when we’re in parts of the house that may be dead zones now. The device plugs directly into a wall outlet, and works with 2.4 GHz b/g/n networks. Connection is essentially plug and play for those using WPS. Netgear has not said what the range of the device will be.

The WN1000RP goes on sale this summer.


  1. Koko Zamoyski says

    My wifi/router is owned by my ISP provider and does not have a “push” or “N” button. Can I still use this wifi booster?

    • Profile photo of Dave Peterson says

      It looks like setup may be a bit more involved (not plug-and-play) for routers that don’t use WPS, but if you have a router that operates at 2.4 GHz on b, g or n standards, it should work.