New Audible App Brings Audiobooks to Android (Finally)

Hi. My name is Chris and I’m an audiobookoholic. I don’t have anything against reading the written word, but with my busy schedule, I am far more available to listen to an audiobook in my car, in the shower or while doing laundry. Audible is hands down the best resource for audiobook content, and they’ve further secured their strangle-hold on the market with a highly-anticipated Android version of their mobile app made available yesterday.

As an iPhone user, I have found the Audible app to be extremely useful, especially when travelling with minimal space on my device. I have lots of music on my phone which doesn’t leave much room for hefty audiobooks, but during a recent trip I wanted to be able to go back and forth between new titles if I didn’t enjoy one or another. The app was perfect for that because I could download or access my books straight from my phone – and now users of Android 1.x and higher can join in the fun as well.

Users can download books from their library or search for new titles if they get bored with their collection. The app also provides some worthwhile functions that beat simply downloading the books as audio files onto your device. These include the ability to save bookmarked locations, share books with friends, rate books, as well as set a sleep timer in case you doze off while listening. The app also calculates your listening statistics and will award you badges based on how many hours you listen.

One function I do miss from listening on my iPhone through the iPod app is the ability to listen at 2x speed – a feature that is missing on the Android version of the app as well. Despite this missing feature, the Audible app is a must have for audiobook fans simply for the ability to skip between books on the fly wirelessly without syncing your device back to your computer.

Audible for Android is available now in the Android Market and on the iPhone’s AppStore.



  1. Tom Witter says

    I am so glad to hear you unvail this add on. I have been using Audible on my Blackberry Storm 2 for a year and love it. I was planning on making the move to Android and by passing the stop with iphone. I wanted to make sure that Android had most of my favorites and Audible is at the top of my list.

  2. Profile photo of Chris Cameron says

    Ah it seems you are correct, but it’s meant for fastforwarding, not for actuallly listening at a faster pace. The 2x on the iPod, for example, is actually clear and understandable – the 2x on the Audible app skips and you can’t understand the words. So it seems we are both right! :)

  3. says

    There is indeed a 2x speed option (as well as 4x and 8x). When on the currently listening to screen which shows you the album art, progress, pause button, etc just expand the bottom buttons and hit the “>>” button. This will cycle through thereading speeds.