New Geek Beat Building Construction Update

Hey gang, I just thought I’d give you a few updates on the status of the new building to document the process for posterity. These photos were taken earlier this week during the first phase of construction.

The first thing that had to happen was that all of the flooring had to be removed from the entire building. We’re taking it down to bare concrete, and then we’re going to polish it up and make it look awesome.

Watch Out For the Asbestos!

One thing the guys had to watch out for was asbestos. It turned out that a couple of the rooms had it present in the material used in the flooring. For example this black adhesive stuff was “hot”, so it had to be left for the asbestos remediation team.
Asbestos in the flooring

There was a lot of old carpet that had to be torn out! Almost 6,000 sq ft of the building had it in there, and it needed to be changed. But of course instead of putting new carpet in, we’re going to polish the concrete.

Trashing Carpet

The Naked Floors

Once all of the carpeting and wood flooring was out, all of the bare floors were exposed.

Bare floor in big room

Conference room no floor

Main hallway with no floor

Hallway with no floor

Wood flooring removed

In some places the flooring was exceptionally difficult to get up. Like the old linoleum tile crap.

Scraping flooring from Kitchen

Amazingly, the team got all of this done in like 1.5 days. And some of the speed was attributed to this special scraper machine they had which helped rip things up and scrape the old glue off the floor.

Floor Scraping Machine

All in all, the building is coming along very quickly. Stay tuned for more updates later!