New MacBook Pro and iOS 6 at WWDC

New MacBook Pros at WWDC

Apple rolled out a ton of announcements from WWDC, including new MacBook Pros, and a look at Mountain Lion and iOS 6.

U.S Navy’s Linux Drones

The United States Navy is running the tactical control system in their helicopter drones on Linux.

Packing Tape Breakthrough

You may not have thought there was much room for improvement in packing tape, but over on Quirky, there’s Rip Cord, tape with an easy-open pull string down the center

Fruit-Flavored Envelopes

Another snail mail innovation comes with Flavorlopes – the glue you lick has flavors like grape, cherry and strawberry.


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    I’m surprised at how much you cover in your show. I really didn’t think that Snail mail – and envelopes – is geeky. But I do wonder if the cherry flavored envelope will taste like medicine.