New Retina Macbook Pro, Mac Mini, and iMac Announced

If you asked anyone yesterday if new a 13” Macbook Pro and updated iMacs and Mac Minis were going to be released today, I would venture to guess that nobody would discount that possibility.  If someone would have predicted a radically redesigned and much thinner iMac, it would have seemed unlikely. However that’s exactly what we got at today’s Apple event.  Yes, not in press releases after event, these Macs were released in today’s iPad Mini keynote.

Apple MacBook Pro Retina Fall 2012

13” Retina Macbook Pro

The 13” Retina MBP is very much the spitting image of the 15” version, right down to the exact same port configuration.

  • 12.35×8.62×0.75 inches and 3.57lbs in weight.  That’s only half a pound more than the Macbook Air and almost a full pound less than the 15” rMBP
  • 13” 2560×1600 display at 227 pixels per inch.  Virtual resolutions include 1680×1050, 1440×900, and 1024×680.
  • 2.5ghz Dual Core Intel Core i5 CPU on both configurations of 13-inchers.  A 2.9ghz DC i7 is also available Built to Order, but if you want a 13” dual core, you’re out of luck.
  • 8GB of onboard DDR3L memory.  No option to upgrade to 16GB.
  • 128 or 256GB of flash storage with 512GB or 768GB BTO options if you have Donald Trump’s budget.
  • The Ivy Bridge standard Intel 4000HD integrated video is the only option.  No dedicated graphics like the 15”
  • 720p HD Front Facetime camera.
  • $1699 for the 128GB model, $1999 for 256GB.
  • No need to wait, they are available now online and will be in the physical Apple stores on Thursday the 25th.

Mac Mini

Apple Mac Mini Fall 2012The Mac Mini update was pretty much what everybody expected, the existing form factor with an update to Ivy Bridge.

  • Same 2.5ghz dual core i5 as the 13’ rMBP in the Standard model with a 2.3ghz quad core in the upgraded model.  A 2.6ghz quad core i7 is available BTO.
  • 500GB and 1TB 2.5” 5400rpm laptop drives.  A 1TB Fusion Drive is also available BTO. Exactly what this Fusion Drive is isn’t exactly clear, but I’d put money on a hybrid drive.  It should be worth noting that early hybrid drives have had their issues.
  • 4GB of DDR3 memory in two SO-DIMMs in both models with 8GB and 16GB BTO options.  It’s still user serviceable.
  • Ports are pretty much the same with USB3 replacing USB2 and Thunderbolt replacing the Mini Displayport.  Like the legacy version of the Macbook Pro and the eternally non-updated Mac Pro, it retains the FireWire800 port.
  • $599 Dual core, $799 quad core, $999 server.
  • Like the rMBP, just go and pick one up.

Apple iMac Fall 2012


The 2012 redesign of the iMac might have been the star of this event eclipsing the iPad Mini.  Yes, I said redesign, not update.  In fact, this might be the most stunning update the iMac has ever had despite not including a Retina Display.  It might look the same from the front, but turn it sideways and you might wonder if you’re in a 2D bizzaro world.  It’s radically thinner and only 5mm at the edge.

  • 21.5” 1920×1080 and 27” 2560×1440 displays are retained. Apparently, it wasn’t the right time for a large screen Retina.  One step at a time.
  • 2.7ghz-3.4ghz Quad Core Core i5 and i7 CPUs among the various standard and BTO configurations.
  • Each model gets a different Nvidia 6xxM video chipset.  512mb 640M, 650M, 660M, and a 1GB 675MX in the highest end model.
  • 8GB of memory of the 21.5” model with 16GB BTO on both models and 32GB on the 27” model.  The smaller model’s DIMM slots are NOT user serviceable.  The 27” inch has 4 user serviceable DIMM slots.  So, if you want to upgrade, buy the 27”, Period.
  • 1TB 5400rpm laptop drive with a Fusion Drive available in the 21.5” model.  The 27” uses 7200rpm desktop drives in 1TB-3TB sizes  in both normal and fusion drives or a 768GB flash drive.
  • The Superdrive, is well, spending its time with the Dodo bird.
  • For I/O ports, you have 4 USB3, 2 Thunderbolts, and Firewire nowhere to be found.
  • 4 models at $1299, $1499, $1799, and $1999.
  • 21.5” models available in November, 27” in December.


  1. jerry says

    no, nothing really new just the same thing so the iMac now look like the Vizio but with out the touch screen and track pad. I stick with Windows 8. I got it on Icona Tab 500w that can be use like a tablet or laptop and HP TouchSmart. Wish I had the model where screen slides down to use the but it still works ok but not the prefect experiences.

  2. AussieTrev says

    Looks great, but glad I bought the early 2012, need the super drive and the Firewire ports.