New Super Soaker Brings an Icy Blast to Summer

An Electric Motor for Paper Airplanes

Want to supercharge your paper airplane’s range? The PowerUp is an electric motor that you can attach to your plane, and the 3.0 version adds iPhone control.

New Super Soaker Packs Its Own Ice

If just blasting someone with water isn’t enough, maybe you need icy cold water – the Arctic Shock Super Soaker carries a supply of ice to chill the water you’ll shoot at your friends.

Turtle Swims with Artificial Fins

Marine biologists in Japan have successfully outfitted a 25-year-old Loggerhead turtle with replacement fins after fishermen rescued her after a shark attack.

HBO Go App Gets Airplay Upgrade

If you’re an HBO Go or MAX Go subscriber, you’ll now be able to stream your video from your iPhone or iPad to your bigger screen TV using Airplay.

Play Full Episodes on A&E Networks Apps

If you’re more into A&E, the History Channel or Lifetime, iOS mobile apps have been updated to allow you to watch full length episodes and movies for FREE.