NewTek TriCaster 855 Review

NewTek has made a few changes to its TriCaster line of broadcast equipment in an effort to streamline the product line and increase value.

A few months ago, we got the Tricaster 850 Extreme and showed you some of the awesome stuff it can do! Well, now comes the brand new Tricaster 855.

On the TriCaster 850, we showed you the animation store. It allowed us to create custom transitions, animations, and wipes between the shots. Now… using that same system, we have brand new TransWarp effects. We can warp video or images into any 3D shape we want during transitions. For example, we can have one video pull off another like like it was a big piece of fabric.  Or we can have one video totally shatter into glass shards and reveal another one behind… and the video keeps playing in tbe broken pieces.. And these effects are done in REAL TIME! They’re a fun way to up the production level of your show and avoid spending your time in post production.

Another new feature is recording in Quicktime files. We work with Macs, so it helps our production time because before we’d have to convert the files in order to edit them. Now we can record directly into quicktime files that we can then just drop into Final Cut. Much faster!

In our TriCaster 850 Extreme review, we showed you the IsoCorder system that allowed us to record multiple versions of our show at the same time. We can record multiple cameras at once, and that gives us a fall back to fix any mistakes that happened while live recording, or record a “clean” feed without any graphics for our archives later. It WAS a feature exclusive to the Extreme, but now it’s available on the 855 as a standard feature.

In fact, NewTek has decided that the Extreme versions of the tricaster were so useful that it should just become standard, which is now the 855! And with this simplified product lineup comes an even bigger bonus. Remember that great control surface from the 850 that was an addon?  It’s now included standard with the system itself, and a big price drop, down to $29,995! That’s a reduction of almost $6000 from the previous version!!

All-in-all, the TriCaster 855 is a great way to combine the best of the TriCaster line, in to one solid, high value and now, more affordable package.


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    Hello Geeks: And as geeks, you can probably put a system together for far less than $30K.

    I have a great little system for live and recorded productions I put together and here it is:
    Final Cut Pro (not the new FCP-X) in a MacPro for recording, graphics or using edited material in a live production with Blackmagic Intensity Pro card.
    Blackmagic ATEM Studio HD switcher with Behringer DEQ2496 for audio sync, 3 channel audio mixer and i7 laptop for software switching, recording H264 via USB3 with HD SDI/HDMI output (preview and program). The ATEM does luma & chroma keys (up/down stream) and many other effects you expect from a switcher, plus still store options.
    Encoding with a Digital Rapids HD encoder that streams multiple rates and will record a H264 file as well.
    XDcam full HD digital recorder: 4:2:2 at 50 Mbps or higher data rate.
    For remote streaming, I have a KU band satellite uplink system that streams up to 1.7 Mbps and can supply telephone and Internet service at the location.

    The entire editing, switching and recording system can be put together for under $10K using these units or other brands with the same functions.

    If you’re not technically inclined, have some money to spend or want a name brand machine your clients have asked for, then the Tricaster is something to consider. If you’re doing in-house productions or not constrained by name brands, less expensive ways of editing, switching and recording is very possible.

    Scott M. Douglas, DP
    Douglas Technical Services