Nintendo Tries Viral Video.. and Succeeds!

Joel McHale Nintendo Viral VideoFun and edgy “commercials” seem to be the best way of getting your brand circulation on the internet. We’ve seen big success from Old Spice using this method and now, video game giant Nintendo tries their hand at the trend and totally succeeds at creating a funny video to showcase the Nintendo 3DS!

The video stars Joel McHale of Community fame doing what he does best: funny! It’s out of character for Nintendo and, in my opinion, better off for it!

What do you think of the video? Do you like it when companies do things like this?
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  1. Aegis says

    I always get a giggle or two when I see a company make fun of themselves. It was well done. Not in the true spirit of a viral video, but skewers several industries in a very funny way!