Must-Have iPhone App for the Holidays

No More Socks Gifting App

Thanks to the power of marketing, a week or so after Hallowe’en we’re already fretting about the holidays — the most wonderful and stressful time of the year.

No More Socks brings some ease to your frantic shopping spree by assisting gift-givers with interactive shopping lists, notes, idea pads, event reminders and it even sports a very attractive user interface to track presents.

The app is divided into four parts: events, people, an idea pad and an overall shopping list that can be exported to email.

To get the gift-shopping-list rolling, users simply select the “people” screen to start adding friends and family.  The app nicely integrates with iOS contacts but also allows users to add a person right within the app.  By selecting a contact, the app displays all of the assigned gifts & ideas and history of gifts given in the past, hopefully preventing your uncle from getting a tie two years in a row.

When a user gets a brilliant idea for a gift with no one particular in mind, the idea can be added to the “ideas pad” along with a note, picture, budget and retailer.  The retail feature even has a Google search tool built-in to look for the gift online, so if the online search was a success the site can be bookmarked and added as an “online retailer” within the gift description.  Although it would be ideal, not all of your shopping will be done online so users have the option to add any offline retailer to the gift.  And, all of the gift ideas can of course be assigned to a specific contact at a later date.

The event screen gives users a way to track all personal occasions (birthdays) and group events like Christmas.  This eliminates any possible confusion you may get by viewing all of the presents by contact instead of event — birthday ideas don’t get messed up with stocking stuffers etc.  Multiple contacts can be added to a group event and it gives you a nice overview of the entire holiday instead of going into each person’s list individually.

Overall, it’s a great way to keep your present buying super-organized, very geeky and highly efficient, just the way we like it.

No More Socks is .99 and is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Get it! ( iTunes link)

No More Socks Gifting App