Nook Tablet Review

My feeling about the Amazon Kindle Fire was that it wasn’t really a tablet, the way I think of a “tablet”. So, what about the Nook Tablet – does it let you get more done? Check out the video review for my full thoughts on it.


  1. Bill says

    My Color Nook is awesome! If you believe bigger is better, then choose the IPad. My Nook fits into the pockets on my 5.11 pants. The battery lasts long then I do. I can thether it to my phone for 3g access. Perect for my life style!

  2. manasi says

    Cali I love the Color Nook ( i’ve owned the first one since last year) anyways I love it. It has a nice browser ( flash capable tyvm ) and I can use it to check my Outlook web mail via the web. The only thing it will not do is open up attachments to docs but honestly I delete anything sent to me with an attachment anyway and ask them to point to a place that I can remote into , so I might agree somewhat on the idea that this isn’t a tablet per se.

    I do NOT like the cost of an ipad nor do I like the itunes interface PLUS I still cannot work on the document unless I have a damn app and frankly I am ok with that.

    If I want to work (from home) I simply remote into my desktop and run everything from there anyways how I get there.

    I agree that the little hook on the end seems worthless but I do use the hidden compartment for additional storage space.

    Excellent battery life ( 3 days of off and on reading) and I still only charge it once per week.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. OJFL says

    It has been reported on the net that you can install Android apps without rooting the device. In that sense it can become indeed a tablet and one can install whatever one pleases on it. I am thinking of trying it as I do not need cameras on the tablet.

  4. Greg says

    What about the Kobo Vox? (The other other reader that is really a tablet.) Are you planning to review it? Is it even available in USA after the demise of Borders?

  5. Jeff Rabe says

    Cali, which would you recommend for “Entertainment devices”, the Nook or the Fire ? I would never replace my iPad with either, but they are options as gifts, etc ….

  6. Tiffany Kennedy says

    My bf got me a Kindle Fire for my birthday and I love it. It’s lightweight and easy to use straight out of the box. The first thing I recommend anyone with a new Kindle do is install the nook app. We got our instructions from through google. It basically unlocks all the Android marketplace apps and unlocks the device. Super happy!

  7. Jeremy Parkinson says

    What are the features that it lacks that you can’t live without for it to be a tablet?


  8. mogelijk says

    I’m a bit disappointed that B&N changed the Tablet so you can no longer boot to the SD card slot – that was a huge feature for the Nook Color, as you could put Android on the SD card. Having said that, the advantage the Nook Tablet has is that you can sideload the Amazon App store — which leaves it with some of the limitations of the Kindle Fire but does help the App situation considerably (though it does require an SD card).

  9. Shanna says

    Personally, no tablet has come close to the freedom of my laptop. But I guess it depends on the user. Many people I know only use their computers to check email, browse the web, look at photos, or listen to music…basically, all the things you can find on even the cheapest “tablets.” I don’t view my Nook Tablet as a laptop replacement, but more as a phone upgrade. After a few years of twiddling away on my iphone, I needed something portable with a bigger screen but that wasn’t as insanely bulky as an ipad. I like the larger screen for emails and web browsing. And while I was concerned about video quality on a 7-inch screen, the quality is amazing. I’ve spent a few lazy morning in bed with my NT watching Netflix. The limited app store is annoying but so far, I’m finding after years of downloading free iphone apps that are chocked full of ads and pop-ups, I’m liking the quality control of a mostly paid app store. I have WAY fewer apps downloaded on my Nook Tablet so far, but I use all of them. I just bought a droid phone and I’m liking their marketplace over the Apple app store, so I’m hoping that the developers creating apps for Android will making Nook-friendly versions soon.

    I am guilty of buying my Nook Tablet primarily as an e-reader. As far as Tablets go, its actually way better than reading on my laptop. So while it will never replace my laptop, it sure does a few things that my fancy laptop can’t.