OmniMount – Devices to Promote Your Fitness and Comfort

Sitting at work computers all day long then going home to your TV and home computers can lead to very sedentary lifestyles.

OmniMount tackles this problem by developing solutions that promote activity. While offering a range of products from TV and projector mounts, speaker stands and mounts, and home theater furniture, their WORK and PLAY line of TV monitor mounts are designed to get you out of your chair and interacting with your screens.

PLAY40/PLAY70 ActionMount TV Mounts

The PLAY ActionMount series of TV monitor mounts are uniquely designed to move wherever you want them to. Using a patented Constant Force technology by Ergotron, TVs are able to move up to 20″ in all directions so you can adjust them to your activity.

  • Tilt down while you’re doing ground exercises or to give the kids a better view while gaming.
  • Pan the unit around the room for different seating arrangements, parties, or just to remove that afternoon sun glare.
  • Swivel the unit and extend it out the full 28 inches or retract it to 6.5 inches when not in use. No knobs to turn or buttons to push makes it easy to operate for everyone.

The PLAY series is VESA-compliant and fits an assortment of TV sizes based on the model you choose. For more information on the PLAY series, visit OmniMount’s website and check out the gallery below for more pictures.

WORK15/WORK20 ActionMount Sit/Stand WorkStation Series

Just as the PLAY series gives you the ability to adapt to your fun activities while enjoying the television, the WORK series of monitor mounts lets you change your work activities and be more active.

The Sit/Stand Workstation Series is a height-adjustable workstation that clamps onto your desk and holds your monitor and keyboard.

Also using the patented Constant Force technology, the workstation will rest on your desk while you’re sitting. Decide to stand and stretch? Just lift the whole workstation up. It easily raises to accompany a standing position.

The workstation fits either single or dual-screens, depending on the model you purchase. The keyboard will tilt upwards to 3 degrees and can be flipped up 90 degrees when not in use. An integrated cable management hides your wires so they’re out of your way.

Personalize your daily work activities by moving the workstation where you want it to go. For more information on the WORK series, visit OmniMount’s website and view the gallery below for more pictures.

(EDIT: Also check out Cali’s interview with Geoff Miller of OmniMount and a review of the Play40 at the CEA line shows.)