OnStar Announces ATOMS API for iOS, Android Interoperability



OnStar has been a very busy company over the last year. Of course you know from Cali & John’s coverage that they’ve made an after-market rear view mirror available that puts OnStar into any car in the world, but now they’re taking a big, big step beyond that with an API to their Advanced Telematics Operating System (ATOMS) platform.

The API is going to allow some really amazing integration between OnStar-enabled vehicles and computing devices, including iOS and Android devices, mobile and otherwise.

“Research shows that the amount of mobile applications for the Android and iOS platforms is likely to double in the next 12 months,” said OnStar President Linda Marshall. “Customer demand is driving a new marketplace for a variety of automotive applications.

“With this step we believe we can broaden our portfolio, grow our business and enable our customers to achieve additional functionality from their vehicle using their computer, smartphone, tablet or other devices,” Marshall said.

With API access, app developers will be able to do anything from the incredibly simple, like opening your garage door automatically when you get home, or ensuring it’s closed when you’re farther away, to the more complex, like “If I’m in an accident and emergency response is triggered, send notifications to X, Y and Z in my contact list, wipe my calendar for the next two days, send all incoming calls to voice mail automatically unless the number is on this list of approved numbers, and use a preset auto-responder for all incoming txts.” This is speculative on my part, but it sure sounds like it should be a possibility!

Other possibilities could include notifications sent to your mobile phone when your mileage reaches a certain threshold to remind you to go for your regular oil check, even integration with automated navigation systems so Cali you don’t have to feel like you’re bothering the poor OnStar employees unnecessarily.

And if you yourself are an app developer, there’s good news; they’re looking for devs! The API is closed, sadly, but if you want to work with it, you can contact them at developers@onstar.com. It will be made available sometime in the first half of 2012.

2012 OnStar 4G LTE Vehicle Interior

OnStar/Verizon Connected Concept Vehicle

The other big news out of OnStar is their second-generation connected concept vehicle, produced in conjunction with Verizon Wireless. It’s a Chevrolet Volt connected to the internet via Verizon’s 4G LTE network through the OnStar ATOMS.

Prototype applications on display this week at the Consumer Electronics Show include:

  • Streaming Content provided to passengers. Allows them to access content from their home computer or via “popular streaming services.”
  • In-car sharing of content from user to user.
  • Rear-seat infotainment management. An advanced Human Machine Interface gives the user control over two distinct rear zones for receiving cached or streaming content such as games, music, videos and news.
  • Video chat. Skype video calling is available from the rear seats to anywhere.
  • OnStar RemoteLink. Remote vehicle information and services.
  • Real-time diagnostics and Eco-Routing. Charge status, distance on remaining charge, find and reserve charging locations and more.
  • Home Energy Management. Users can control their home thermostat, lights, garage door and other systems from the car. (See guys, they’re already ahead of us on this one.)

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