Optrix XD5 Makes Your iPhone 5 into an Action Sports Camera

Optrix XD5 Case for iPhone 5Are you an iPhone 5 photographer making your way in a GoPro world? Well, cheer up – even if you don’t have the super-popular action camera, your iPhone can become the window to sharing your adventures with the world.

Optrix XD5 Case and LensThe Optrix XD5 is a case for the iPhone 5 to toughen it up and get it ready for recording your most harrowing experiences. The case can withstand a 15-foot drop with no damage to the phone, and it’s even waterproof to the same 15 feet. It uses a unibody “monocoque” unibody design borrowed from Formula 1 cars to give extreme protection to the phone. The system includes a 175-degree lens to give you a wide view of the action and a rail mounting system for fast attachment and removal from various mounts. There’s even a separate door to access the charge/sync port with out removing it from the case. Available mounting accessories include a suction cup water sports bundle and chest mount options.

The Optrix XD5 is available now from the company website for $129.95.