Oracle Issues Java Patches – Should You Still Worry?

Oracle Issues Java Patches

Oracle has started providing emergency patches for Java to fix the most recent wave of security holes. CERT- the Computer Emergency Response Team – suggests disabling Java in your browsers and seeing if you even miss it.

Entire 787 Fleet Grounded in Japan

After problems with batteries that resulted in an emergency landing and evacuation, the two major airlines in Japan flying the Boeing 787 have grounded their fleets.
UPDATE: Boeing 787s are now grounded world-wide for safety inspections.

Space Station Gets Inflatable Addition

The International Space Station is getting an inflatable annex designed by Bigelow Aerospace. These inflatable modules could one day serve as habitats on the moon or Mars.

Webcam-Equipped Bear Gives Birth

Lily, a webcam-enabled black bear, has given birth to two cubs, an event broadcast live around the world via a camera placed in the den.

Robot Restaurant has Robot Staff

At the Robot Restaurant in Harbin, China, guests give their orders to robot wait staff, and then their food is prepared by robots in the kitchen!