Our Gear for CES 2013 Coverage

CES Week is Upon Us

You can expect to see some cool episodes from CES next week, and a lot more episodes than you’re used to. CES is a big event for geeks, and we’re going to bring you all the great stuff we can find. You can find all our gear listed at geekbeat.tv/gear.

Cameras and Stabilizers

Cameras and our related gear are at the heart of what we do. Here’s a look at what we use to shoot on the road, from cameras to stabilizing rigs.

Cables, Cards, and Batteries

Even though we use wireless microphones, we’ve learned that we should always have extra cables, just in case the wireless connections in the hall aren’t good. We also are taking lots of storage cards and lots of batteries.

Connectivity and Our Travel Jib

We have laptops, tablets, and mobile hotspots with us, to keep us connected while we roam the show floor. And tripods are a must for stable shots in the rare moments when we’re standing still. We’ll also be using our brand new travel jib!

Bags for Carrying Everything

We always talk about Powerbags, and shows like CES is where we REALLY need them, and our Think Tank bags keep all our camera gear safe.

John’s Makeup Kit

He’s not happy about it, but we’re making John wear makeup when he’s on camera. So of course he’s covered his compact with gaffer tape so it will look manly.