Our Gear for CES 2014!

Keep an Eye on #CESlive

You can keep track of all the #CESlive action at our show page. That’s where you’ll find all the videos and articles about the cool stuff we’re finding at the show, as well as chat with fellow geeks in our 24/7 chat room!

An Amazing Amount of Info

We’ll have tons of information coming your way. Not just on this site, but also at the Mobile Nations sites – Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, and Windows Phone Central, and Smart Watch Fans. Also, make sure you catch Cali hosting Panasonic’s live stream on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Our New Truss System

Our live stage in the South Hall will house a huge new truss system from which we’ll be hanging lights, cameras and two 40-inch screens. It’s the same sort of truss as we use in the studio – but much bigger!

The Secret Box

We’ll be taking a Secret Box with us. Does it contain tons of awesome giveaways? Maybe… you’ll have to watch for the details, but regular viewers know we always have a lot of cool stuff to win during these live shows.

Miscellaneous Gear

We’ll be taking the TriCaster, networking gear, cameras… and 144 carabiner clips! You always need carabiner clips!

Transporting All the Gear

To transport everything from our studio in Texas to the show in Las Vegas, we had to get new, bigger trailer AND GMC is providing us with an awesome 2014 Sierra SLT 4×4 to get us there in style!

Sponsors Who Make it Possible

We want to thank our amazing sponsors, Seidio, QNAP, and Vizzywig for making our #CESlive coverage possible! Check ’em out!