Review: Patriot’s New Fuel+ 7,800mah USB Battery Backup Charges Stuff… Faster!

Patriot Fuel Battery Closeup
I’ve evaluated a lot of batteries over the years. I mean a LOT. For example, there are cheap ones, like the Anker Astro 3E 10,000 mah with dual ports for $39.99. It’s a great deal if you only measure a battery by its absolute capacity. However, if you inspect closely, you’ll see that it will only charge an iPad at a maximum rate of 1.5Amps.

“…charges Android devices and iPhone with iOS 5 or higher at full speed or iPad at 1.5A…”

This is a little like buying a giant hard drive, but only getting a USB 2.0 connection for it. Sure you have a lot of capacity, but it’s going to take a long time to put anything in or get anything out.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more balanced approach where speed enters into the equation, Patriot’s new Fuel+ 7,800 mah battery has the fastest charge port I’ve ever tested. Its capable of pushing a full 2.5 amps out of its primary USB port – enough to provide the max incoming charge to any tablet or phone I know of.

Patriot Fuel Charging Tablet and Phone

In practical application, charge speed really matters. The reason we carry USB Battery Backups is for the times when we’re on the go and our mobile devices need a boost. If you’re like me, you might be in the car heading to dinner, or a business meeting, when you realize – my battery is down to 19%! At this point you’ve only got about 15-20 minutes to get as much charge as you can cram in the device.

At this moment, do you want your devices to be charging at 1.5 amps? Or 2.5?

Well, to be honest, most phones simply aren’t capable of charging faster than 1 – 1.5 amps, though some like the Galaxy Note can indeed take advantage of the extra current. All of this is also dependant on one other very important factor! Your actual USB cable.

Yeah, believe it or not, if you just plug in a standard data cable you are automatically limiting the charge rate on your phone to probably a measly 500ma! What you need in order to top up quickly is a charge only cable. BEWARE – a charge only cable will NOT allow you to transfer files between your device and computer. It forgoes the dual mode nature to double the speed of charging.


Sooo… having said all of that. Getting back to our conundrum where we’ve got no power on our device and we need to charge up quickly, you’re gonna need both a cable and a charger that are capable of making that happen! And that is where the Patriot Fuel+ comes in. Its 2.5 amp port is capable of delivering full current to an iPad, or any other tablet out there.

Pick you up a Patriot Fuel+ 9,000 mAh battery on Amazon for $49.99. It’ll only cost $10 more than the cheapo, with almost the same capacity, and a MUCH faster charge capability. While you’re at it, maybe you can get yourself something nice to go with it like this coiled mediabridge charge only USB cable for $7.99. You’ll be glad you did.