Pay For All the Things With Your Fingertips


Cali and Dave visit Drobo’s customer support center in Omaha.

Omaha Gigabit Internet

Speaking of Omaha, they’re the latest city to get gigabit Internet!


PayTouch hopes to take easy payments even further than NFC by letting you link your fingerprints to your charge accounts.


Sprizzi’s Kickstarter to make an automated soda jerk aims to cut the cost of your soda consumption in half, and can let you have other kinds of carbonated beverages at home, too.

Hachette Book Group

Tired of the high cost of ebooks? The Hachette Book Group is making its entire catalog of books to libraries across the US!


  1. William P says

    John I love your podcast and C Lewis.I have will not buy Samshung samsteel samlie,or whatever you
    Want to call Samsung products.What took you so long to find out how they do Bussiness.Its a shame
    they do have good products.But at this time I refuse to buy Samsung anything.There Bussiness code
    is not good.Again it’s a real shame.I miss nuclear Steve.I know he is pissed.

  2. says

    Thanks for the shout out Paul Braren! It was a great to have Cali in Omaha and the meetup was awesome! We have to get her in Omaha a little more often! The shot a bunch of video that night and even more the next day at the Drobo Support Center. I’m sure we will see a little more of Omaha in future epidodes.
    We also mentioned the meetup at the end of the latest Home Server Show.

  3. says

    Hi Cali,
    You sounded like you weren’t familiar with CenturyLink. They used to be Qwest, but were bought out. In fact, they offer services in most of the United States (including the Dallas area). if they handle DSL in the Dallas area, they may bring the Gigabit Internet to you before Google does.

    Have a wonderful weekend.:)

    • Profile photo of Benjamin J. Roethig says

      I view anything CenturyLink with extreme skepticism. They launched their Prism IPTV in 2010, still have only 8 Markets, and from what I’ve heard from people in LaCrosse doesn’t work that well.

    • Kevin says

      I was irritated the first time you broadcast the SodaStream episode because of the failure to FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS by putting the flavor in AFTER the COLD water is carbonated. I’m a customer without financial interest, and I have NEVER had my SodaStream explode like you portrayed, over and over. I thought at first that this would be a ‘mea culpa’ to apologize for your previous oversight, but the fact that you have now rebroadcast this stupidity suggests that your intent is to damage SodaStream’s business. Nice.