Pedal-Powered Pub Searches for Designated Driver

Bring Photos and Videos Together in Shared Albums

If you’ve ever wanted to pool photos with several people at an event for a combined album, LensMob may be your answer. For a similar service for video, check out Switchcam.

Nikon Bumps Up Point-and-Shoot Quality

The Nikon Coolpix A brings an APS-C sensor to the point-and-shoot form factor and the ability to shoot 12 or 14-bit RAW files.

TweetDeck Discontinued on Multiple Platforms, Facebook Dropped

Twitter announced it will be discontinuing TweetDeck support for Android, iOS and AIR apps, as well as dropping Facebook integration. Chrome, PC, and Mac versions will remain for now.

Mini-Whirlpool in Self-Stirring Pot

The “Kuru Kuru Nabe” is a pot that stirs itself! The in-pot whirlpool is the result of a special grooved insert that directs the boiling action.

Bartendro the Robotic Bartender

Party Robotics is looking for Kickstarter backers for a line of robotic mixologists they call Bartendro.

Pedal Pub Takes Party on the Road

The Pedal Pub from Hammacher Schlemmer is a mobile bar, pedaled by its patrons, and capable of carrying 17 people. It can be yours for $40,000.


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    The pedal pubs are very common in Germany as “Bier Bikes”; they’re a big hit for bachelor parties and so forth. I saw one in Berlin where everyone on board was wearing a banana costume. It’s an entire business. i.e.