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The Jimmy Kimmel Live show took to the street with an iPhone 4S, but told people it was an iPhone 5 to get their opinions. We don’t know how many thought it was worse, but as you can see from the video below plenty of people fell for it and started talking about how much better it was.

One guy who even claimed he has a 4S went on and on about how much better the new iPhone 5 was.

What I get from this is one of two things:

  • People get nervous when a camera is pointed at them, and they can’t think straight. Possibly they say whatever they think will be a popular opinion.
  • People get so wrapped up in a brand that they lose the ability to be critical any longer.

I think this kind of demonstrates why we need expert third party opinions in this world. To maintain some semblance of neutrality.

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9 Responses

  1. EddieT

    i agree, a camera pointed at you is nerve racking, especially if it’s for nationwide tv, if the interviewer was Cali i’d probably be blushing, stuttering/fumbling with my thoughts on camera. :) however.. common folk who have real lives not on the internet, or time to keep up with the new technology rumors, might not know about what’s new about the phone.. i don’t think most iFans really care, after all some just walk into the store and just buy it not knowing what new features it has. plus, apples track record of it remaining extremely similar is well known. keep in mind that this phone is probably faster then their current 4S because it has none of the tons of apps they might have on it, never cleaned cache’s, millions of text messages, and that case adds weight like no other. :)

  2. Geek

    I just wonder how they did not even noticed that what is meant to be iphone5 is essentially identical to the iphone4, And what made me roll on the floor laughing is the last person who had to say that he was open to the new iphone!

  3. Yumio

    This just shows how much of iPhone is hype. I have bought every iPhone model they’ve dished out since the original in 2007, and even I know its more hype than substance.

  4. Will Saunders

    That’s funny but sad. The iPhone 5 is quite different in size, dimension, functionality, etc. The people who are fooled evidently must not have been current owners of the iPhone. Current iPhone 4S users would probably not have been fooled at all.

    • Derek

      You did see that 3-4 of them had their own iphones out comparing…You’re just mad that apple has sheep for customers.

    • George Leon

      WTH… A few of the people had iPhones & at least one of them actually had his personal iPhone 4S in his hand while commenting on how much better the Kimmel iPhone was.

    • Sepehr

      You know… Current iPhone 4S users have been fooled already!!! Why not fooling them again and again?