Phiaton PS-210 Bluetooth Headphones Review

There are a lot of Bluetooth devices out there these days. I’ve been using the PS-210 Bluetooth Earphones from Phiaton. They’ve become part of my daily habit for both phone calls on the go and for using at the gym to listen to music.

I like the controller on the PS-210s better than the previous version. It’s very sleek, light and a good size for clipping onto your clothes for hands free use. As much as you move around at the gym, the fit is snug in your ear. You won’t have to adjust them constantly or push them back into your ear as you’re running on the treadmill, and they’re very comfortable. One thing you’ll definitely notice right away is the look of the buds. They use a half-in-ear design. The driver sits outside the ear which allowed them to use a bigger driver than if it was all-in-one. Which means… better sound!

Connecting the device to your phone via Bluetooth is very simple using the top button on the side of the controller. The bottom button is Noise Cancellation. And there’s a button on the front to use voice control. If you’re on an iPhone, it’ll use Siri. So you say “Call John P” and it’ll dial John without you ever looking at your phone, which is great if you’re in the car.