Phone Charging Cable the Size of a Credit Card

Get the Sounds of a Coffee Shop Delivered to You

Studies have shown that the ambient sounds of a coffee shop actually boost productivity, but if you can’t get away to one, will bring the sound to you. You can also check out and for other ambient sounds.

Google Play Celebrates Birthday with Deals

Google Play is turning one year old this week and to celebrate they’ve got deals in their TV section and across the store.

Slim Charging Cable Will Fit in a Wallet

Hate carrying around a bulky charging cable for your phone? The ChargeCard is just a little thicker than a credit card and will fit in your wallet.

(NOTE: We previously identified the ChargeCard as a battery rather than a cable. Sorry for any confusion that error caused!)

Volcanic Mount Etna Erupts

Mount Etna put on a show this week, with a spectacular eruption of lava and ash.

Thermometer Attachment for Mobile Devices

If you want to know what the temperature is right where you are and not just a vague city location, check out the Thermodo, a thermometer for your mobile devices.


  1. says

    I could’a sworn you called John “Jumpy”, turns out it was “John P”. I personally prefer the latter, although I don’t know how Jon would feel about it.

  2. Al Timiter says

    Your new frames look great.
    Warby Parker also has a couple of brick & mortar stores. One is in L.A. – but the parking there sucks.

  3. Ryan Shoemaker says

    FYI, its a charging cable, not a battery. There is no capacity, You plug one end into a usb port and the other end into your phone.