Mount your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch like a USB Drive.

Phone DIsk

Unlike mobile devices like an Android, when plugging an iPhone or iPad into a Mac or PC, users are required to use separate apps like iTunes and iPhoto to transfer videos and photos. Wouldn’t the process be easier if it just mounted in the finder window like a USB drive?

If you answered “hell yes!” then the following software called Phone Disk may have just earned itself a home on your desktop. I’m not saying importing videos and photo into iPhoto is a difficult task, but it can be a pain.

Phone Disk solves the mounting issue by recognizing the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch when a user plugs the device into the desktop. The device will then instantly appear mounted in the Finder window enabling users to see the file system, making it super easy to transfer over media files. And nicely, the software doesn’t require a jailbroken device.

For those of us jailbreakers that have already gone rogue, there is an option within the preferences to allow access to “real” root (requires a jailbroken iPhone with AFC2Add installed). Viewing the device’s apps while in mount-mode can additionally be tweaked but it will manipulate the load times: show only file sharing apps, load app icons for menu or show app’s icon as a disk icon.

This is really easy to set-up, a very simple app that resolves a somewhat bothersome process of grabbing/transferring files. If your Mac/PC is tight on space it could also be potentially used as an extra storage drive, not a bad idea at all if you have a few extra GBs to spare.

The Phone Disk software is free (right now) and is exclusively for Macs running OS X 10.5 or higher or PCs running Windows XP, Vista or 7.  Users must be using iTunes 8 or later and it will work will all versions of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Phone Disk Preferences

The software can be downloaded directly from the Macroplant site but we’ve also included an alternative (CNET) download (Mac) as the direct site seems to be hit or miss.  This app is currently being offered free so you might want to hurry up and grab it now. It states on Macroplant site that it’s only free until Dec 1st.
Here’s a registration code for full version : 2H96A-QK7MX-8GEYK1V-ZR6S8

(Sources Lifehacker , Macroplant )


  1. Steve says

    I’ve been using it for months, it’s really good.
    And it can do things I didn’t think were possible on an iPhone with original firmware, like browsing inside the folders of each app (even those that you can’t access from iTunes).