PhotoPlus Expo 2012 – Ready Rig

Many cameramen and women can tell you the most annoying thing about the job is lugging the camera around all day. Cameras today may seem small and petite, but try holding one steady for 20 minutes with lighting and cables attached to it. It can be a chore. After about 5 minutes into it you wish you had put the entire thing on a tripod. Now some cameramen have used shoulder mounted systems before, but most of those rigs you have to hold on to at all times. What if you didn’t, what if you could let go, open your phone or notepad and take notes? Well with the Ready Rig, you can do just that. This thing is pretty cool. It’s not just a regular shoulder-mounted camera rig; it also has a back brace and waistband. Which means you can let go and be confident that your camera and shot will stay right where your left it.

With so many features to see on this rig, Alessandro Di Leo of Alba Camera Support was walking around PhotoPlus Expo, so we brought him into the booth for a quick overview.