CES 2011 – PixelOptics Electronic Eyeglasses

The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show is winding down and we heard about an awful lot of fantastic technology there. Most of it was of the “Wow, another new Android tablet” or “Huh, more 3D gizmos” variety. There were a few interesting tablets and even the odd pretty cool application of 3D displays, but this year the theme seemed to be that the smaller companies were the ones to watch. That’s where PixelOptics came in.

They’ve got a fantastic new type of electronic glasses that can help sufferers of presbyopia. Presbyopia is something you probably won’t have to worry about until you reach the age of 40+; it’s the loss of the ability to focus your eyes properly, and in many people this loss is perfectly natural.

The electronic glasses have a thin layer of liquid crystal in the display which react to an electric current. Hitting a control on the side of the glasses passes a current into the lens which causes it to change the optics of the glass by changing the liquid crystal.

The lenses can react to the wearer’s movements as well, automatically adjusting the focus when you move your head up or down, a convenience for when you’re reading and need to stand, or for those with difficulty walking who are trying to traverse stairs; they’ll be able to see their feet and the stairs properly. Kinda handy if you ask me.

Check out the video for more information.


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