Play Piano Like a Pro with Mobile Keys 49

Whether you are a accomplished musician or just a beginner, the Mobile Keys 49 by Line 6 is a full-featured, full-sized, velocity-sensitive portable keyboard, that is all you need to play like a pro. Mobile Keys 49 is fully compatible with Mac, PC, and iOS devices, and complements GarageBand and other CoreMIDI music applications. Since the device is virtually plug and play capable, there’s no need to worry about device drivers or compatibility issues. Just plug in and begin making sweet music.

Mobile Keys 49 has all the connections needed to make music on your iPad, or computer.  It comes with a  1/4″ TRS Sustain pedal jack, 1/4″ TRS Expression pedal jack, USB jack for computer connection, and a 30-pin dock connector for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Line 6 even includes a three foot 30-pin cable for your iOS device so you can get started right away. You don’t even need to worry about power.

Mobile Keys 49 is available now at Amazon or your favorite music store for $199.99