Pole Dancing Quadcopters

Firefox Phone Gets Real

Firefox is getting into the phone business with its own mobile OS and a Firefox Phone it plans to launch in developing countries later this year.

Chrome Helps You Find Those Noisy Tabs

If you’ve ever searched for which one of your browser tabs is playing unwanted audio, you’ll be glad to know Google Chrome may soon have an animated icon on the offending tab.

Aurora Borealis Puts on Show of a Lifetime

The sun is approaching the peak of its 11-year activity cycle, and that’s resulting in some of the most impressive displays of aurora borealis in memory.

Juggling Quadcopters

First we got quadcopters to fly in formation, now we’ve taught them to juggle batons. Can the Super Bowl halftime show be far behind?

You can see more quadcopter videos here .


  1. Angel says

    Hi John,
    Love the shirt in this episode. Where did you get it?
    Love the show!
    Angel in NYC