Project Gutenberg Adds Dropbox Support

Project Gutenberg adds Dropbox SupportProject Gutenberg may be named for a man and a technology – the Gutenberg Press – from times long past, but that doesn’t mean Project Gutenberg itself is stuck in the past. They’ve just taken another step to demonstrate that commitment to updated technology by adding Dropbox support to their vast collection of eBooks.

I’m sure many of you already use Dropbox, but for the few of you who haven’t yet tried it out, it’s a file syncing service that makes it very easy to sync files between various devices, from your PC or Mac to your mobile phones and tablets.

Project Gutenberg’s Dropbox implementation is intended to make it as easy as possible to sync your favorite free eBooks from the Project Gutenberg archive to your preferred reading device, whether it’s an ereader, tablet, phone, or even computer. When you choose to sync a title to Dropbox, it prompts you to link the Gutenberg app to your Dropbox account, then creates a gutenberg folder in your /Dropbox/Apps folder. From that point on, all Gutenberg titles you sync will be sent to that folder, and will appear like magic on every device you use with Dropbox. Kindles, unfortunately, require the extra step of manually syncing with a computer, but phone and tablet users will have an easier time of it.

Project Gutenberg eBook synching


(via Lifehacker)